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EST. | 1989



Sayre Industries

My name is Mary Sessions. I have been designing jewelry since I was a child. I enjoy creating inspiring pieces for my customers. I make every piece myself with love and purpose. My daughter is my business partner and web designer. Like many families, my greatest assets are my friends and loved ones.

If we don't have what you want in stock, we have the option for you to special order. I would like the jewelry you purchase from me to be one of your favorites. I enjoy receiving feedback from my customers. This helps me to design better products and lets you know that I care about you.

I like displaying my work at Art festivals and fairs in Utah. I have a schedule of all the events coming up.


- Jewelry -


Making jewelry brings me to my happy place. A place of infinite possibilities and abundance. Using natural materials infuses the energy of life and healing into every piece created. I enjoy sharing this gift with others.


- Tarot -

Personal Readings

I love tarot and I have been reading Tarot since I was a teenager. It has assisted me in my life's journey. Sometimes, when the truth appears elusive, a tarot reading will confirm what you are thinking about or going through. 


Wholesale Prices Available upon request. You may email me directly or sign up as a wholesale account. Please make sure that you include your resale number. I will email you the information regarding the wholesale prices and send you a code to use at checkout. I am happy to create special products or lines to fit your needs.

My name is Mary Sessions. I've always loved tarot and I have read for myself, my friends and my family for a very long time. I am excited to offer my tarot services to others. It has assisted me in my life's journey. Sometimes, when the truth appears elusive, a tarot reading  will confirm what you are thing about or going through.


I have a YouTube channel: Sayre Seer Tarot.


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