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Turquoise is a well known and well loved mineral that comes in shades of blue and green. It has been valued highly by many civilizations for thousands of years and still to this day is one of the most sought after stones. It is usually found in dry regions and it forms when water and copper reacts with phosphorus and aluminum. It is known as a protection stone.


Turquoise has a fascinatingly long history and a connection with many separate civilizations across the world.

There is evidence tracing it all the way back to ancient Egypt and china in around 3000 BC. It was also a favorite and sought after stone for many other cultures such as the Aztecs, native Americans, Persians, Mesopotamians and many more.

Many cultures including Native Americans made jewelry with turquoise and believed it to have mystical powers.

The name turquoise comes from the French “Pierre tourques,” which roughly translates to “Turkish stone.” People adopted that name in the 1200s.

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December Birth Stone

Turquoise is the birthstone most used for people born in December.

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