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Charoite is a rare stone found mainly in the Murun mountains in Yakutia, Russia. Some believe it was named after the Chara River others believe it was named after the Russian word for magic and charms. Charoite is formed from a process called contact metamorphism in limestone. This is not an uncommon occurrence in nature, however it is still unclear as to the limited supply. Charoites durability makes it a wonderful choice in jewelry.


Charoite was found in Siberia, Russia in the 1940s. More specifically found near the Chara River of the Murun Massif, Northwest Aldan.

Charoite was officially identified as a new mineral species in 1977.

Some believed it was named after the Chara River, but others believe it to be named after the Russian word meaning magic or charms.

Due to charoites relatively recent discovery, it doesn’t have the same historical and cultural significance that some other gemstones possess.

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Charoite can have inclusions of augite, aegirine and feldspar.

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