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Moonstones offer a captivating and diverse range of colors and types, making them enchanting gemstones. It belongs to the group of minerals called feldspar. It is found in many countries around the world. Moonstone has a unique effect called adularescence, or more commonly refered to as flash which creates a bluish light or rainbow inside the stone.


Moonstone was first discovered in ancient Rome. The Romans believed it was formed from solidified moonlight. They admired the stone and even associated it with their lunar deities and believed it to protect women and children.

The Roman historian Pliny named it “moonstone” and believed its appearance changed with the Moon’s phases.

Moonstone was a gemstone believed to bring good luck during winter, to make crops more abundant if hung in fruit trees and that if worn could cure insomnia. It was also associated with special powers when worn on Mondays. People also believed that moonstones could give clear visions and prophecies. Moonstone was associated with romance, calming influences, and artistic inspiration.

In Eastern cultures, moonstone is considered a symbol of good luck. Its said to promote well-being, enhance intuition, and activate the crown chakra. Moonstone has been associated with the Moon’s passive and relaxing energy, which has made it popular for use in spiritual practices.

Moonstone is very special in India as the stone of the Moon-god Ganesh.

Myanmar historically produced valuable moonstones, now Sri Lanka is the primary source and Switzerland’s Mt. Adular (now St. Gotthard) was one of the earliest sources of moonstone.

Moonstone has been used in ancient jewelry and gained popularity during the Art Nouveau period when French goldsmith René Lalique and others created jewelry with moonstone.

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Birth Stone

Moonstone is the June birthstone and has been associated with the zodiac sign Gemini. It is sometimes gifted on the 13th anniversary of a marriage and again every 13 years after that.

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