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Stone: Copper Turquoise
Stone shape: Round Cabochon
Stone color: Green with Copper
Stone size: 8mm
Metal type: 925 Sterling Silver
Bezel type: Small Crown Bezel
Halo type: Beaded
Band type: Fancy Twisted Rope
Band Measurements: 2.3x2.3mm
Size: 8 1/2


This beautiful copper turquoise ring is handmade in the great state of Utah. It features a beautiful round copper turquoise stone encased in a small sterling silver crown bezel with a beaded halo and a fancy twisted rope band. Turquoise can come in a variety of colors including this bright green. This simple but beautiful ring is great for those who are looking to add a one-of-a-kind turquoise ring to their collection.


ONLY ONE AVAILABLE! Once its gone there won't be another like it.

Round Copper Turquoise Ring with Beaded Halo in Sterling Silver SIZE 8 1/2

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